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Bringing it all together.

A balance between proprietary design, ethical manufacturing

and consumer aspiration. With value as the cornerstone.


For the past 40 years, we have been

consistently recognized for our integrity, reliability and profound knowledge of all

things home décor.


Our Senior Partners work directly with our

clients, and travel the world with them,

to source their unique product needs.



Often on an exclusive basis, we present to

our clients, thoughtfully curated aspirational furniture, decor and floor coverings.

Always keeping value in mind.



Over the many decades, we have proudly nurtured meaningful relationships around

the globe, with the best in breed product manufacturers in décor.


Our more than 170 vendor relationships

provide our clients, their preferred blend

of product requirements.


Our diverse group of supplier partnerships

extend throughout and beyond India, and

into the markets of Europe, China and

the Far East.


While most "buying agents" are based in

the country they source from, we believe

intimate consumer market knowledge is

paramount. That is why all India Connection Partners are based in the US.


Our HQ in San Francisco offers clients a

significant advantage, access to consequential 

data on US home décor trends. This provides 

for direct US-based access to India Connection, reinforcing an effective sourcing partnership.



Our dedicated associates

in India, have a combined 60 years of manufacturing experience in export logistics. Critical inspection experience

vital throughout the product

procurement process.

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