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Integrity, passion and service. 

The perfect mix leading a great team for over 40 years.

SAM & Meena Khokha



What Sam and his wife, Meena started as India Exotics in

1972, blossomed into the leading importer of brass and metal decorative products in the US. In 1995, their business was acquired by a publicly traded company, and Sam was invited to serve as President. He continued to lead the Indian

Handicrafts market into the late 1990s. 

As Sam approached a new millennium, he astutely recognized

that home decor industry dynamics were changing, and he too had to pivot to a new and nimble business model. 

In February of 2000, Sam and his son Raj created a new venture called India Connection. As they grew the business, his

younger son Ash joined the venture in 2003. And in 2005,

India Connection became a home decor product sourcing powerhouse with the addition of

Tamman Rajjoub & Sanjeev Khokha.  

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